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Is it easy to understand a hydrologist?

This text, about the language we use to talk about water, was born in my [...]

Water, hydrogen and coal, or the 3W Report – future prospects

During the 3W Congress, which took place on November 27-28 this year. in Warsaw, presented [...]

Groundwater – importance, dilemmas and solutions

Groundwater is a necessary part of our ecosystem, playing a key role in providing drinking [...]

Hydrogen stations in Poland. Are we facing a fuel revolution?

In September this year. The country's first publicly accessible station for refueling hydrogen has opened [...]

Earthworks in the vicinity of water bodies – legal basis

Properties located in the vicinity of water reservoirs are highly developed for both recreational and [...]

Soil water retention – is it needed for agriculture?

Soil is a key, non-renewable and irreplaceable resource. Its good condition is essential for the [...]

Abyss – a planet above the abyss (2)

"Chemosynthesis on geothermal chimneys is a breakthrough in terms of how we think about life, [...]

How water was sealed in a bottle – the history of bottled water

I remember one day I was suddenly and unexpectedly struck by a strange thought: why [...]

Does aquaculture have a negative impact on water quality?

Aquaculture is an intensely growing industry, involving the rearing and cultivation of organisms that live [...]

Biotechnology in water and wastewater management and its impact on wastewater treatment

Biological wastewater treatment processes focus primarily on the effective removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, [...]