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COP15 – Europe joins the agreement

December 2022. The Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Biological Diversity, [...]

“About water in the profession” – hydrologist

We continue our series of publications on the role of water in the daily work [...]

Snowmaking – how much water does it consume?

The literature defines 12 types of natural snow and only one artificial snow, indicating that [...]

But do we care about last year’s snow?

Another snow-free Christmas is behind us. The school winter holidays are about to begin. Everything [...]

Climate change is changing the Arctic. 2022 was the sixth warmest year on record

When one thinks of the Arctic, the first thing that comes to mind is the [...]

Strengthen and expand CO2 emissions trading and establish a Social Climate Fund

In order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, in line with the European Green Deal, [...]

Blood on snow, or snow algae blooms

All children know that snow, at least until it falls on the ground, is white. [...]

Increased limit for investments to protect waters from nitrate pollution from agricultural sources – next call for applications starts in February

Under the operation "Investments to protect waters from nitrate pollution from agricultural sources," specifically the [...]

Does water life die out under the ice in winter?

Are you familiar with the theme from a children's book or cartoon depicting an angler [...]

Water management plans already being published

The publication of Water Management Plans is underway. The first document, the Dniester River Basin [...]