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Impact of growing water crisis on migratory birds

Migratory birds are fascinating travelers that travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers each year, [...]

Water company, or when “nobody’s” has a manager

According to the Water Law, maintenance of land reclamation facilities is the responsibility of the [...]

Wastewater and its role through the eyes of an expert

Wastewater, even if it's a "stinky" topic in many ways, should be on our radar. [...]

Blue Deal – the European Economic and Social Committee has launched a new course of action for water

The European Economic and Social Committee has called for work on the Blue Deal in [...]

Very good Mr. Beaver! That is, why we need environmental engineers

I was inspired to write about beavers by the text about keystone (keystone) species and [...]

European Funds Open Days

From May 12 to 14, celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the National Day of [...]

Riparian buffer zones rescue water in agricultural landscapes

Agriculture is the dominant form of land use in Poland, currently occupying (according to current [...]

Summary of the Wetlands Green Life Conference

On May 9, 2023. A conference was held at the Arche Krakowska Hotel in Warsaw [...]

Can rewilding stop climate change?

Rewilding (re-wilding) is the theory and practice of conserving nature by excluding the most extensive [...]

EC approves €435.4 million aid program for Poland

The European Commission has approved an aid program for Poland worth some €435.4 million (PLN [...]