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Flower meadows in the fight against drought

The advantages of flower meadows are appreciated by more and more institutions and individuals. Great [...]

Adam Kapler
Barcelona bets on water desalination to mitigate drought

Desalination of water in Barcelona takes place, among other things. At the Llobregat plant, which, [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Forest facing the threat of drought

The climate crisis is no longer a grim vision for unspecified future generations. He is [...]

Karolina Paulewicz-Bazała
Three steps to… surface sealing, or how to get permission to reduce retention on a plot of land

STEP I. Before you proceed with your intention Carrying out on a property with an area [...]

Katarzyna Biegun
The Committee on the Future of the World. Water a way to get EU water investment

A Committee for the Development of the Polish Enterprise Federation has been established. Water - [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Human-induced water stress modifies ecological functioning of watercourses

In many parts of the world, especially where water is scarce, watercourses are being intensively [...]

Agnieszka Kolada
Strategy for Sustainable Rural, Agricultural and Fisheries Development 2030 – update

The Strategy for Sustainable Rural, Agricultural and Fisheries Development 2030 is the primary strategic document [...]

Karol Kucharski
Measles – how to eradicate the golden alga? Results of the experiment

The Oder River has the natural ability to self-purify (as any river does), that is, [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Regulations for Environmental Taxonomy purposes

Regulations for Environmental Taxonomy purposes On June 27, 2023, the European Commission adopted delegated acts to [...]

Marta Saracyn
What kind of agricultural policy do Polish rivers and the Baltic Sea need?

In heavily transformed river catchments dominated by agricultural land, including intensively cultivated fields, agricultural areas [...]

Aleksandra Pępkowska-Król