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Obligation to maintain water facilities

The owner of a thing should be aware that the scope of property rights consists [...]

Jarosław Dolny
July 2023. month of fires and heat records

Mediterranean countries struggled in July with extreme heat and devastating fires intensified by strong winds. [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Is it still a hot summer or already a drought in the city?

In 2022. Europe experienced the hottest summer in the history of measurements . This year [...]

Ksymena Rosiek
Macroalgae – an indicator of the quality of suburban watercourses acting as sewage receivers

In Poland, pollution of surface water by nutrients is still a very significant problem that [...]

Ewa Dacewicz, Renata Kędzior
Oxygen as an essential element of the aquatic ecosystem

Everyone knows about environmental protection and soccer. Or at least that's the impression they give. [...]

Ewa Gondek
Agricultural Drought Monitoring System. How much money is there for drought relief?

Agricultural drought is a consequence of prolonged meteorological drought, i.e. a situation in which the [...]

Zespół redakcyjny
ESRS adopted after public consultation by EC

The ESRS, or European Sustainable Reporting Standards, were adopted by the European Commission after an [...]

Marta Saracyn
“Rebuilding our oceans and waters”. – 106 million euros to support EU missions

As part of the EU's "Rebuilding Our Oceans and Waters" mission, the European Commission has [...]

Karol Kucharski
Great Barrier Reef – Australia takes protective measures

Australia has taken decisive action to avoid listing the Great Barrier Reef as a threatened [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
The hydrological cycle in the era of the Anthropocene – does the water cycle scheme need revision?

"The rain glistened on rooftops and turrets, not realizing what a swarming, hateful world it [...]

Agnieszka Kolada