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Mass tree planting may be ineffective in climate change context

Measures to halt climate change and reduce its effects include not only efforts to reduce [...]

Coral protection – 45 countries have pledged $12 billion to protect coral reefs

During the 37th. meeting of the International Coral Reef Initiative held on October 3, 45 [...]

50th Hydrogeological Congress – groundwater is a treasure hidden under our feet

From September 18-22, Cape Town hosted the 50th annual meeting. World Hydrogeological Congress organized by [...]

Microplastics in the clouds. Air contaminated with plastics

Microplastics in the clouds. Air contaminated with plastics. Japanese scientists have discovered microplastics in clouds [...]

Drought in the Amazon – (un)expected phenomenon ravages rainforests

Brazil is one of the areas hard hit by climate change. The northern part of [...]

World’s warmest September in 100 years

Global warming - myth or real threat? The weather speaks for itself. This year saw [...]

Rome Water Dialogue – the second edition of FAO’s Rome Water Dialogue is underway

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized another edition [...]

The Baltic Sea and the anticipated saltwater infusion

An infusion of salt water from the North Sea into the Baltic Sea is expected [...]

World Habitat Day

Every year, on the first Monday in October, we celebrate World Habitat Day, or World [...]

Sustainable Development Goals under threat! Report on the impact of climate change on the SDGs

In September 2023. An alarming report by the World Meteorological Organization, "United in Science," prepared [...]