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The series “About Water in the Profession”

About water, as a substance, probably everything has been written. Dozens, hundreds, and probably thousands [...]

Environmental decision for the first nuclear power plant

The construction of a nuclear power plant, like many other investments, requires obtaining what is [...]

From salt water to fresh water. Experiment showing that nanostructures can improve water desalination process

More than 60% of the Earth's people face severe water shortages. Desalination of seawater for [...]

New rates for the issuance of water rights approvals

January 1, 2023. There is a change in the rates of fees for granting water [...]

European Commission proposes certification of carbon dioxide removal to help achieve net zero emissions

European Commission on November 30, 2022. adopted a proposal for the first EU-wide voluntary framework [...]

Current status of the regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products

The European Green Deal aims to reduce both the use of chemical pesticides and the [...]

On-farm investments in RES and energy efficiency improvements under CAP 2023 – 2027

Given the current situation of rising electricity prices, farmers are increasingly looking for alternative energy [...]

Impact of mining activities on groundwater

Mining activities, offering access to energy, metallic or rock resources, without which the functioning of [...]

Can water shut down the Internet?

At first glance, the Internet and water don't have much in common. Alternatively, they can [...]

Energy in agriculture

The traditional role of agriculture is food production and related services. However, we are increasingly [...]