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Eutrophication, or biogenes untamed

So much has already been written about eutrophication that without getting into the details and [...]

Changes to the nitrate program

Water management in Poland as in the rest of Europe is based on cyclicality. First, [...]

Earlier spring fertilization date – how will it work?

The nitrate program, which sets out rules for agricultural management in the country, taking into [...]

US farmers relieved – lower fertilizer prices in early 2023

After 2022, when average retail fertilizer prices in the United States reached a record high, [...]

EC Communication on the 2022 Environmental Policy Implementation Review. Reversing the trend by complying with environmental laws

In 2016. The European Commission has pledged to report regularly on the state of implementation [...]

Movie The River

Since time immemorial, rivers have shaped and are shaping the landscape of our planet. On [...]

Financial support for the implementation of the nitrate program from RDP 2014 – 2020 and PS CAP 2023 – 2027

According to the current provisions of the nitrate program (Program of measures to reduce water [...]

Potential water security breakthrough in the Middle East and North Africa

Many areas of the world do not have enough water to fully meet the ever-growing [...]

European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform – ESPP

In order to create a European market for recycled phosphorus and push for more sustainable [...]