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Fatal news from Bangladesh – climate crisis significantly increases cancer risk

The health of tens of millions of Bangladeshi citizens is threatened by contaminated drinking water. [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Flood risk in Poland – where are high river levels and local flooding currently occurring?

Poland's persistent rainy weather and melting snow cover led to a difficult hydrological situation in [...]

Alicja Bar
Poles freeze and Spaniards bask on beaches – January heat record in southern Europe

On Monday, January 29, thermometers in Valencia indicated +29.6°C - a Spanish heat record for [...]

Agata Pavlinec
On-farm investment in RES – call for applications has begun

From January 25 to February 23, 2024. Farms interested in investing in agricultural biogas plants, [...]

Karol Kucharski
What carbon footprint does the largest cruise ship leave?

The world's largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, will embark on its first week-long [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Ice Age – a time capsule storing valuable climate information

When we think of the Ice Age, amusing scenes from the animated film "Ice Age" [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
Bialowieza National Park will have a new director – recruitment is underway

The Climate Ministry has announced a competition for the position of director of Bialowieza National [...]

Zespół redakcyjny
Weather and hydrological situation in Poland – forecast for the next few days

The coming days will bring a calming of the weather. We will take a break [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
VIII edition of Stormwater Poland 2024 – innovations and solutions in rainwater management

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the eighth edition of the Stormwater [...]

Zespół redakcyjny
Water quality in agriculture – about pathogens and chemical threats in FAO report

According to UN data, water pollution was in 2015. cause of death for 1.5 million [...]

Agata Pavlinec