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Protecting water from nitrates from agriculture – ARMA will subsidize investments. Call for applications is launched

As of October 25, the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture has launched a [...]

Aleksandra Parszczyńska
Fishing opportunities in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for 2024.

Fishing opportunities are science-based catch limits for most fish species. The European Commission is currently [...]

Karol Kucharski
Aquatic publication review

The period of autumn cold and the first frosts means that we are not always [...]

Agnieszka Kolada
The largest coral reef in the world

The largest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef, stretching over 2,300. [...]

Aneta Błędowska
The economic value of water in the world – estimates and risks

On October 16, we celebrated World Food Day. On this occasion, the WWF published an [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Biotechnology in water and wastewater management and its impact on wastewater treatment

Biological wastewater treatment processes focus primarily on the effective removal of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, [...]

Extinct fish and cetacean species – losses in recent years

November, a time of mourning and remembrance of the dead common to many cultures, is [...]

Adam Kapler
Geothermal heating in the UK-successful use of disused mines

Six months ago, one of Europe's largest projects using water from disused coal mines to [...]

Monika Rak
Drought in the Amazon – lowest water levels in at least 121 years

Manaus, the Amazonian capital associated with idyllic images of blue skies and a place where [...]

Agnieszka Woźniak
Priorities for water. Post-election expectations

Regardless of our sympathies and emotions after the parliamentary elections, regardless of who personally takes [...]

Agnieszka Hobot