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An iceberg the size of London has broken away from the shelf. Is Antarctica in trouble?

An iceberg the size of London, and more than three times the size of Warsaw, [...]

EU taxonomy-a common dictionary of sustainable development

EU taxonomy is a buzzword that is increasingly appearing in the public space in the [...]

I need water – how to make it?

In the past we would have said: find a good wandmaker in the village, and [...]

Call for applications for financial support of investments related to irrigation or use of green energy sources on farms

Farmers planning irrigation or green energy investments on their farms from January 31 to March [...]

WMO report – world water resources

On November 29 in Geneva, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released its first report on [...]

Water management plans – publication of more regulations

We mentioned the start of publication of the Ministry of Infrastructure's regulations on water management [...]

Joint declaration of participants of the conference “Pact for Wetlands”

As every year, February 2 was celebrated as World Wetlands Day. This day, is an [...]

Use of numerical methods in assessing the impact of projects on water levels

Undertakings that may have a significant impact on the environment, can be implemented only under [...]

Nitrate program went into effect on February 8

On February 7, 2023. The Government Decree of January 31, 2023 was published in the [...]

Flood protection vs. nitrate reduction

Directorate General Environment regularly publishes information on the results of the implementation of projects carried [...]