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Water and fashion. About hard choices and easy decisions

Can fashion be responsible for water? Of course it does. As much as one-fifth of [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Piotr Bednarek on the challenges facing Polish water management

This article needs a few words of introduction, as its publication was not so obvious. [...]

Piotr Bednarek
On the need for changes in water management – a conversation with Senator Stanislaw Gawlowski

Media reports of the liquidation of Polish Waters did not materialize. A new head of [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
On the future of water management in Poland – a conversation with Witold Sumislawski, former president of the Polish Water Authority

Wody Polskie, the body responsible for water management, is quite an administrative structure, consisting of: [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Winter reflections on water

Most of us, looking out the window today, instead of the expected white fluff, see [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Water issues, or issues for all of us

I place in your hands the twenty-sixth anniversary edition of "Water Matters". It's hard to [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Vital parameters – latest report. Earth is dying

Heart rate, saturation and temperature are the most important human vital signs. We have all [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Blue Deal declaration officially announced. What is the Blue Deal all about?

On October 26 this year. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has published a [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Priorities for water. Post-election expectations

Regardless of our sympathies and emotions after the parliamentary elections, regardless of who personally takes [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
ChatGPT – a water-guzzling giant?

The fashion for ChatGPT and AI in its various applications and dimensions has taken over [...]

Agnieszka Hobot