Results of the 4th edition of the “Seize the beauty of our Planet” contest. Satellite photos of Poles on the podium

Zdjęcia satelitarne

Thirteen winners of the competition for the best satellite images showing the effects of global warming have been selected. Among them were citizens of Portugal, Tanzania, Italy, India, Sri Lanka or Austria, and as many as four participants from Poland. CloudFerro has organized for the fourth time an international competition for the best satellite images, this time under the title “Seize the beauty of our Planet.” This is a way to raise public awareness of the environmental changes taking place on Earth and encourage the use of platforms to track and analyze them. The competition was sponsored by the Polish Space Agency.

Global warming the theme of the competition. Satellite images show areas affected by climate change

The earth is warming at an unprecedented rate, with temperature records being broken every month. Global warming is causing extremes such as heat waves, wildfires, droughts, flash floods, sea level rise and intense storms affecting agricultural crops, air quality and drinking water supplies. In addition to increasingly widespread wildfires, drought has also become a challenge in many regions of the world, and these phenomena are expected to become more severe as climate change accelerates.

Satellite observations play a key role in the efficient and cost-effective monitoring of Earth’s ecosystems. Remote sensing techniques are proving very useful in this area. Images taken by satellites are a vital tool for understanding drought and other phenomena on a larger scale, providing global coverage and immediate access to accurate data.

This year, the Polish company CloudFerro, as part of an announced competition, sought the most outstanding images depicting the effects of global warming on the world. Participants generated satellite imagery on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, CREODIAS, WEkEO, CODE-DE or EO-Lab platforms, co-developed and operated by CloudFerro. The winners were chosen by Internet users, who voted for the thirteen best photos, followed by a jury, which selected the three best works.

Winners of the 4th edition of the “Seize the beauty of our Planet” competition for the best satellite images of global warming

The competition was won by Italian Lorenzo Amicci. Also on the podium were two Poles, one of whom showed Alaska’s melting glacier and the other the catastrophic effects of flooding in Greece.

First place – “Water in the desert”, by Lorenzo Amici from Italy

One of the driest regions on Earth, Death Valley in the US, is experiencing flash floods due to Hurricane Hilary. On a single day, August 20, while processing Earth observation data with temporal.docx 2023, precipitation exceeded annual averages, making history as the rainiest day in Death Valley (Copernicus Sentinel-2, August 26, 2023).

Satellite photos


Second place – “Melting and disappearing”, Columbia Glacier in Alaska, by Kamil Onoszko from Poland

The Columbia Glacier in Alaska (USA), one of the world’s fastest melting glaciers due to climate change, is a stark reminder of the human impact on the environment and the urgent need for climate action. The satellite image was taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 probe on July 30, 2023.

Satellite photos


Third place – “Wrath of Acheloos”, by Jakub Wolosz from Poland

A gigantic area near the town of Trinkala in Greece has been flooded as a result of heavy rains. The phenomenon is shown on an artificially modified, tinted mosaic on which vegetation appears in shades of red. The flooding mainly destroyed farmland, which can be seen as reddish rectangles under a blue layer of water. Copernicus Sentinel2-L2A. September 10, 2023.

Satellite photos


The other winners and their photos can be found on the contest page. In addition, the thirteen best images selected by the vote will be included in CloudFerro’s 2024 calendar, which will be distributed to leading institutions, companies and organizations in the Earth observation sector. The calendar will also be handed out to all contest winners and participants whose photos were admitted to the voting stage.

Satellite images of global warming – objectives of the competition

The “Seize the beauty of our Planet” contest and participating satellite images aim to support the joint efforts of international organizations to combat global warming. CloudFerro wants to promote the use of Earth observation data through the Copernicus program in environmental research, demonstrating the key role it plays in efficient and cost-effective monitoring of environmental change. Nevertheless, the essence of the competition is primarily to raise public awareness of the environmental changes taking place on Earth. As in previous years, CloudFerro is encouraging EO ( Earth observation ) communities to help promote the initiative by showing evidence of devastating environmental changes in Earth’s ecosystems.

Photo source: Sentinel, CloudFerro