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Madagascar – drought in the lemur kingdom

Madagascar, an island nation off the coast of Africa, impresses with postcard-perfect views and "playful" [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
EU Green Week 2024 – towards a Europe resilient to water crises

On May 29-30, 2024. The scientific conference "Towards a water resilient Europe" will be held [...]

Karol Kucharski
Fatal news from Bangladesh – climate crisis significantly increases cancer risk

The health of tens of millions of Bangladeshi citizens is threatened by contaminated drinking water. [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Changes in the Polish KPO

The National Plan for Reconstruction and Resilience Enhancement (NIP) is a development plan that sets [...]

Karol Kucharski
Global health emergency – an appeal to the UN over the environmental crisis

The editors of 200 reputable periodicals that cover health issues have issued an appeal to [...]

Agata Pavlinec