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Norway is betting on deep-sea mining. Will the consequences be catastrophic?

On Tuesday, January 9, Norway's parliament voted to authorize mineral exploration from the Arctic seabed. [...]

Zuzanna Olender
Lost city in the ocean – mining activities threaten a natural wonder

Discovered at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2000, the Lost Hydrothermal City is [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
Unusual inhabitants of the ocean depths

The abyss of the oceans is a fascinating place, but extreme in terms of living [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Deep in the dark – how do you live where the sun doesn’t reach?

December is the darkest month of the year in our latitude. We look forward to [...]

Agnieszka Kolada
The world’s largest marine animal species

Oceans and seas are places full of mystery. Their depths hide the largest species of [...]

Aneta Błędowska