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Hydrogeological situation of Poland in September 2023

The State Hydrogeological Service (PSH), responsible for monitoring and reporting on the state of groundwater [...]

Sylwia Łysak
Groundwater bodies. Do you know what it is?

Taking action to protect the environment and water resources, as a result of growing environmental [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Is Poland’s drought threatening its water supply?

In the previous issue of Water Matters, we published hydrogeological information on the predicted drought [...]

Katarzyna Biegun
Hydrogeological drought in Poland – a challenge for water resources

In recent years there has been a growing drought problem affecting many regions around the [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Current hydrogeological situation in the country

In Poland, the institution responsible for controlling what the hydrogeological situation is like is the [...]

Małgorzata Komosa