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Cost-benefit analysis. Is the nitrate program effective?

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is an analytical tool used to assess the impact of a particular [...]

Drowning in procedures. About planning in water management

Planning is an integral part of our daily life. Sometimes it is a complex process, [...]

Nitrate program went into effect on February 8

On February 7, 2023. The Government Decree of January 31, 2023 was published in the [...]

Changes to the nitrate program

Water management in Poland as in the rest of Europe is based on cyclicality. First, [...]

Earlier spring fertilization date – how will it work?

The nitrate program, which sets out rules for agricultural management in the country, taking into [...]

Financial support for the implementation of the nitrate program from RDP 2014 – 2020 and PS CAP 2023 – 2027

According to the current provisions of the nitrate program (Program of measures to reduce water [...]

Nitrate program – will come into effect from February

All indications are that the new nitrate program, which is being introduced by decree of [...]

How much fertilizer is taken up by the plant and how much is produced by the cow – about nitrogen balancing in the Nitrate Program

Conducting agricultural management, both in terms of livestock and crop production, requires controlling the amount [...]

Pasturing of livestock

Is grazing a system of feeding or keeping animals? Current national law does not include specific [...]