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Snowflakes – why don’t you see two of the same kind?

For some, it's primarily a pattern on a Christmas sweater, while for others it's an [...]

Alicja Bar
Weather forecast – are we in for a white Christmas?

The end of November and beginning of December brought more winter than autumn weather in [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
Precipitation – the variety of phenomena in Poland

Poland lies in a temperate warm transitional climate with a predominantly maritime type in the [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
Weather anomalies – snow in South Africa 2023

In previous issues of our newspaper, we have written about Europe struggling in the last [...]

Zespół redakcyjny
But do we care about last year’s snow?

Another snow-free Christmas is behind us. The school winter holidays are about to begin. Everything [...]

Artur Surowiecki
The importance of snow cover in the process of river recharge

Snow powder... A bane for some, a joy for others. But regardless of our attitude [...]

Agnieszka Cupak