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Heavy rains in the UK and Wales – hundreds of flood warnings issued

Rainy winters are no surprise to Britons, but this year the weather has been particularly [...]

Izabela Łuba
Storm Isha – more dangerous storms in the British Isles

Two people were killed and hundreds of thousands were left without electricity after the January [...]

Agata Pavlinec
British water utilities want to have the following by 2030. Invest £96 billion in water and sewer infrastructure

Water supply companies in England and Wales are planning an unprecedented investment to address storied [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Havant Thicket Reservoir, the first major reservoir in the UK in more than 30 years

Global company GHD will begin work on the construction of a large water reservoir in [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Orkan Ciaran – effects in Europe and Poland

Over the past few days, Europe has been alive with events triggered by Orkan Ciaran. [...]

Zuzanna Olender
Destructive storms and Orkan Ciaran hit Europe

Despite earlier predictions by meteorologists, Orkan Ciaran surprised the people of Europe with its strength [...]

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