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Whale shark – on August 30 we celebrate its holiday

Whales and sharks are two groups of sea creatures that have always aroused the admiration [...]

“Rebuilding our oceans and waters”. – 106 million euros to support EU missions

As part of the EU's "Rebuilding Our Oceans and Waters" mission, the European Commission has [...]

Bioluminescence – mysterious light in the ocean

In the depths of the ocean, where the sun's rays do not reach, there is, [...]

Captura Corporation intends to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean

The ocean is one of the three natural sinks of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere [...]

Pacific Ocean coral reefs reveal millions of types of bacteria

In 2016. The Tara Pacific Expedition program was launched, with an international team of scientists [...]

A mysterious phenomenon – where ocean waters meet but do not mix with each other

All the oceans found on Earth make up the all-ocean, which covers 361 million square [...]