Technical Support Instrument (TSI) – the European Commission supports 151 reform projects in member states to increase their resilience and competitiveness

Plan działania na rzecz lepszego

The European Commission’s Technical Support Instrument(TSI) provides technical assistance for the development and implementation of reforms in member states. In 2023. 151 projects were selected to implement 326 innovative reforms. The budget for their implementation is 115 million euros. The selected proposals respond to the need for change expressed by EU countries, while being broadly aligned with the community’s priorities for modern and efficient public administration, sustainable growth strategies and resilient economies.

The facility is demand-driven, meaning that it is triggered at the request of member states. Applications are evaluated and selected by the Commission. Projects eligible for TSI support include, but are not limited to, public administration, public financial management, migration management, the business environment, the financial sector, the labor market, education systems, social services, support for vulnerable children, health care, environmental transformation and cyber security.

In 2023. The TSI will focus on improving the operational capacity and efficiency of member states’ public administrations. In this context, a new initiative will be launched – the Public Administration Cooperation Exchange(PACE). It will promote the sharing of best practices among civil servants of different member states, with the aim of strengthening administrative capacity, as well as policy-making and implementation skills. Projects selected in 2023. are designed to support the design and implementation of reforms leading to environmental and digital transformation. More than 30% of TSI 2023 projects focus on achieving the Green Deal goals, and 40% on digital transformation and innovation.

Since 2017, through the Structural Reform Support Program and TSI, the Commission has provided technical support to all 27 member states on more than 1,500 projects in many policy areas.