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Modern technologies in agriculture a way to increase water savings

Water and agriculture have been closely intertwined since the dawn of time. Today, it is [...]

Justyna Lizak
Agricultural production vs. community irrigation – is this hope for Afghanistan?

Agricultural production in Afghanistan not only has a rich history, but is also one of [...]

Agnieszka Woźniak
Dry areas can also be used for agriculture. Cultivation methods on the U.S. West Coast

The West Coast of the United States has been facing serious climate change problems for [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
Salt water in agriculture – an innovative approach to crop irrigation

Could salt water irrigation be a solution for farmers struggling with fresh water shortages? Scientists [...]

Przemysław Kroczak
Large hydroelectric dams – has the era of these facilities come to an end?

Large dams have played a key role in the global economy and environment over the [...]

Grzegorz Pospieszczyk
Re-wetting peatlands does not restore all their functions. But it’s still worth it!

The canonical phrase of the Hippocratic Oath, "Prevention is better than cure," although formulated nearly [...]

Agnieszka Kolada
Call for applications for financial support of investments related to irrigation or use of green energy sources on farms

Farmers planning irrigation or green energy investments on their farms from January 31 to March [...]

Karol Kucharski
Water reuse in agriculture. New European law will take effect in June 2023

The balance between demand and availability of water does not exist. The main reason for [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
Using wastewater for irrigation as a response to water shortages in agriculture

Agriculture is highly dependent on water and, unfortunately, increasingly exposed to the dangers of water [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik