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Orange waters of Alaska’s rivers – is climate change to blame?

In remote, economically undeveloped regions of Arctic Alaska, where streams and rivers usually offer crystal [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
Melting glaciers in Nepal – alarming data from the last 30 years

The latest scientific findings bring alarming news from Nepal, where the mountains, part of the [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik
How much snow is on the summit of Mount Everest? And why is that not enough anyway?

For decades, mountaineers and researchers have used every tool available, from wooden stakes to radar, [...]

Rafał Stepnowski
The importance of snow cover in the process of river recharge

Snow powder... A bane for some, a joy for others. But regardless of our attitude [...]

Agnieszka Cupak
Ice blankets a lifesaver for melting glaciers

Europe, compared to other parts of the world, is experiencing the greatest heat waves caused [...]

Iwona Szyprowska-Głodzik