“My Water” program – the call for applications is still ongoing. A total of more than PLN 143 million has already been paid out

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The 3rd edition of the “My Water” program is underway, in which single-family homeowners can receive a subsidy of up to 6,000. PLN for the construction of a household rainwater retention system. Individual WFOŚiGW branches are still accepting applications. As a reminder, the call runs until the end of June 2024. Or until funds are exhausted. So it’s worth taking advantage of a subsidy that brings environmental and wallet benefits.

My Water Program in 2024.

The “My Water” program took off in 2020. and is a government initiative to support rainwater and snowmelt management. Aid of up to 6 thousand. PLN can be spent on the purchase, installation and commissioning of an installation for the collection and use of rainwater and snowmelt on the property. By building rainwater retention systems at homes, the program’s organizers want to help mitigate the effects of droughts affecting Poland.

Progress and prospects of the 3rd edition of the program

The program is scheduled to run from 2020 to 2024, with contracts signed until the end of June 2024 and grant funds disbursed until the end of this year. Under the first and second editions of the program, as of January 3, 2024, funds in excess of PLN 140.5 million have been disbursed. The money went to 30,614 final beneficiaries, which shows how much interest the subsidy has attracted since its inception. This amount, combined with data for the six months of the third edition, which is still ongoing, amounts to more than PLN 143 million in grant funds already paid out.

Nearly 43,500 applications for a total amount of PLN 247 million were registered on the Beneficiary Portal by January 3, 2024. The growing interest is gratifying, especially in the context of water shortages in many regions of the country. In WFOŚiGW branches, 36.4 thousand applications were submitted for a total of more than PLN 206 million. Nearly 22 thousand applicants received positive grant decisions, for a total amount of nearly PLN 123.5 million. This is more than half of the registered applications, which testifies to the efficiency of the process of evaluation and granting of support.

The number of signed contracts is 16,361, for a total value of PLN 92.4 million. This is another step toward achieving the program’s goals, which translates into concrete measures for water conservation and rational use by promoting and subsidizing home retention. To date (as of January 3, 2024), 548 beneficiaries have been paid out, for a total of nearly PLN 3 million. While this value may seem small compared to the number of signed contracts, it is only the beginning of real project implementation.

It is worth noting that the amount of submitted applications on the beneficiary portal represents 89.79 percent. the amount of funds made available by WFOŚiGW and 86.64 percent. target allocation of funds for the 3rd edition of the program. This indicates a high level of involvement and reported needs.

Scope of funding and eligible costs of the program

The program’s budget for 2020-2024 is PLN 338 million. As a reminder, the subsidy can be received up to 80 percent. Eligible costs of installations included in the investment, but no more than 6 thousand. PLN per project. The condition for receiving funds is a minimum task cost of 2 thousand. PLN, and the minimum total capacity of the tank(s) is 2m3.

Funding will be provided for the purchase, supply, installation, construction, expansion and commissioning of installations for:

  • collection of rainwater or snowmelt from impervious surfaces of the property, i.e. from roofs, sidewalks, driveways (e.g., catch basins, gutter drains, linear drainage, rainwater pipes without gutters and downpipes);
  • storage of rainwater in tanks (e.g., sealed underground and aboveground tanks) with a minimum total capacity of 2m3;
  • retention of rainwater, including snowmelt, in the ground (e.g., unsealing of impervious surfaces, absorption wells, drainage, infiltration boxes, open tanks);
  • Retention of rainwater, including snowmelt on roofs – “green roofs” (drainage layer) without the cost of plantings;
  • use of retained rainwater or snowmelt (e.g., pumps, filters, pipes, sprinklers, controllers, water distribution centers, other installations that allow the use of water from the existing/newly constructed reservoir).

Expenditures for the purchase and installation of components or adaptation of existing installations that will be a permanent part of the system allowing rainwater or snowmelt to be retained on the property and/or used for household and home gardens should be accepted as eligible costs.

We encourage you to catch the rain. The “My Water” program is a great opportunity to fund this activity.

Source: press release from NFOŚiGW