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Groundwater – importance, dilemmas and solutions

Groundwater is a necessary part of our ecosystem, playing a key role in providing drinking [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Dairy farming – a major source of surface water pollution in the European Union

Surface water pollution, despite the various measures constantly being carried out to reduce it, is [...]

Aleksandra Parszczyńska
Hydrogeological situation forecast for November 2023 – current PSH announcement

The State Hydrogeological Service (PSH) is required to analyze the state of groundwater on a [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Hydrogeological situation of Poland in September 2023

The State Hydrogeological Service (PSH), responsible for monitoring and reporting on the state of groundwater [...]

Sylwia Łysak
50th Hydrogeological Congress – groundwater is a treasure hidden under our feet

From September 18-22, Cape Town hosted the 50th annual meeting. World Hydrogeological Congress organized by [...]

Aleksandra Parszczyńska
Groundwater bodies. Do you know what it is?

Taking action to protect the environment and water resources, as a result of growing environmental [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Drought affects groundwater – current hydrogeological situation in the country

We regularly report on the hydrogeological situation in Poland in "Water Matters." This topic is [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Current hydrogeological situation in the country

In Poland, the institution responsible for controlling what the hydrogeological situation is like is the [...]

Małgorzata Komosa
Water – a subjective look at the issue

Water is chemically an oxide of hydrogen. It rubs against the thesis that it is [...]

Ewa Gondek
ATES systems: use of groundwater in the context of Poland’s energy security

Nowadays, when the demand for energy is growing and fossil fuel resources are limited or [...]

Małgorzata Komosa