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3W platform – water, hydrogen and coal resources for the 21st century

Idea 3W is an initiative of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), which aims to support [...]

3W Challenge – competition for innovative projects in the 3W area

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), Idea 3W and The Heart are proud to announce the inaugural [...]

Zespół redakcyjny
Gas package – agreement on future hydrogen and gas market

The Council and the European Parliament have reached a preliminary agreement on a regulation establishing [...]

Karol Kucharski
Water, hydrogen and coal, or the 3W Report – future prospects

During the 3W Congress, which took place on November 27-28 this year. in Warsaw, presented [...]

Hydrogen stations in Poland. Are we facing a fuel revolution?

In September this year. The country's first publicly accessible station for refueling hydrogen has opened [...]

The 3rd 3W Congress is coming – a celebration of progress under the media patronage of “Water Matters”

The 3W Congress under our media sponsorship is the largest meeting for innovators in this [...]

Justyna Chachulska-Serweta
Photovoltaic farm will power hydrogen production in France – brownfield revitalization

An environmental technology park will be built on the site of bankrupt foundries in Poitou [...]

Justyna Chachulska-Serweta
Hydrogen bank – first auctions next month. 800 million euros in EU support

We are now at the threshold of major changes related to growing climate awareness. The [...]

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3W Congress – Let’s talk about the 3W idea: water-hydrogen-carbon!

The 3rd 3W Congress is the largest meeting in Poland and this part of Europe [...]

Detailed regulations for renewable hydrogen in the EU are presented

The European Commission has put forward two delegated acts that contain detailed provisions defining what [...]

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