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Hydrological cycle. Effect of snowfall on water balance

Climate change resulting in an increase in global air temperature is obviously affecting water resources. [...]

Małgorzata Firląg
Weather and hydrological situation in Poland – forecast for the next few days

The coming days will bring a calming of the weather. We will take a break [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
Weather and hydrological situation in Poland – forecast for the next few days

At the beginning of the coming week, a wintry aura will persist, and Poland will [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
What do World Snowman Day, sports attractions and healthy ecosystems have in common? Snow, of course!

On January 18, we celebrate World Snowman Day and this is a great opportunity to [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Weather still unpredictable – high river levels and flooding in Poland

In December 2023. a sharp rise in the water level of many of the country's [...]

Aneta Błędowska
Snowflakes – why don’t you see two of the same kind?

For some, it's primarily a pattern on a Christmas sweater, while for others it's an [...]

Alicja Bar
Lapland and reindeer in the face of climate change

Lapland, a land associated with winter magic and home of the legendary Santa Claus, is [...]

Alicja Bar
Winter reflections on water

Most of us, looking out the window today, instead of the expected white fluff, see [...]

Agnieszka Hobot
Weather forecast – are we in for a white Christmas?

The end of November and beginning of December brought more winter than autumn weather in [...]

Katarzyna Stefaniuk
Effects of the snowstorm in Europe. Robin’s low brought a sudden onslaught of winter weather

Europe has recently experienced heavy snowfall. In many countries, they have caused traffic paralysis, power [...]

Zuzanna Olender