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Dairy farming – a major source of surface water pollution in the European Union

Surface water pollution, despite the various measures constantly being carried out to reduce it, is [...]

Aleksandra Parszczyńska
Hydrogeological situation forecast for November 2023 – current PSH announcement

The State Hydrogeological Service (PSH) is required to analyze the state of groundwater on a [...]

Agata Pavlinec
Ground and surface water pollution in the EU

The European Parliament is working on a law that will help reduce groundwater and surface [...]

Karol Kucharski
September 24 marks World Rivers Day – how do we build water awareness?

Rivers are an extremely important part of maintaining the entire ecosystem. They prevent drought, provide [...]

Aleksandra Parszczyńska
Amendment of the regulation on the conditions for introduction of wastewater

Public consultations have just been held on a draft decree of the Minister of Infrastructure, [...]

Katarzyna Biegun
Macroalgae – an indicator of the quality of suburban watercourses acting as sewage receivers

In Poland, pollution of surface water by nutrients is still a very significant problem that [...]

Ewa Dacewicz, Renata Kędzior
Water – a subjective look at the issue

Water is chemically an oxide of hydrogen. It rubs against the thesis that it is [...]

Ewa Gondek
Three steps to… proper wastewater disposal, or how to get a permit to discharge wastewater into surface water

STEP I. Before you proceed with your intention According to the Water Law, the discharge of [...]

Katarzyna Biegun
Prescription for protective areas of inland water reservoirs – a monograph for theoreticians and practitioners

When we talk about surface water, most of us think: rivers, as if forgetting that [...]

Agnieszka Kolada
March 1 – deadline for submitting measurement results to the Polish Water Authority

March 1 is the deadline for submitting the results of continuous measurements of the quantity [...]

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