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Fishing opportunities in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for 2024.

Fishing opportunities are science-based catch limits for most fish species. The European Commission is currently [...]

Extinct fish and cetacean species – losses in recent years

November, a time of mourning and remembrance of the dead common to many cultures, is [...]

Aquatic publication review

The current review of the aquatic literature probably cannot begin other than with a native [...]

European red book of marine fish published

The European Red List of Marine Fishes was prepared by the IUCN (International Union for [...]

Red list of fish – fish and lampreys in the new list

Even toddlers in the first grades of elementary school are taught about endangered species, natural [...]

Fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2024

Fishing opportunities are catch limits for most fish species based on scientific advice, also known [...]

Cormorant – a bird that dares to eat fish

"As a result of the perpetrators' deliberate, criminal actions, 250 to 300 chicks were killed, [...]

Fisheries control system – draft amendment

The EU is the world's largest seafood sourcing market, and fishing plays an important economic, [...]

Discounts for seniors in some fisheries

Wody Polskie has introduced discounts for pensioners in the fisheries it administers. As we read [...]

Does water life die out under the ice in winter?

Are you familiar with the theme from a children's book or cartoon depicting an angler [...]