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Fishing opportunities in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for 2024.

Fishing opportunities are science-based catch limits for most fish species. The European Commission is currently [...]

The Baltic Sea and the anticipated saltwater infusion

An infusion of salt water from the North Sea into the Baltic Sea is expected [...]

World Maritime Day 2023

World Maritime Day, which falls on September 28, is an opportunity to highlight the importance [...]

Goddess Sedna. The message of the Innuit Siren

In the myth of Sedna, the goddess of the seas in the Innuit world, there [...]

Bioluminescence – mysterious light in the ocean

In the depths of the ocean, where the sun's rays do not reach, there is, [...]

Marine pressures – who determines them and how?

Human activities affect the surrounding environment through numerous pressures. This is happening not only on [...]

New assessments of HELCOM indicators

The Helsinki Commission, known as HELCOM for short, is dedicated to protecting the Baltic Sea. [...]

Operational Program “Fisheries and Sea” 2014 – 2020 – changes

The Operational Program "Fisheries and Sea" 2014 - 2020 is the national instrument for the [...]