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Water demand – how much water we use and whether we save it

The urban man, a socially educated individual adapted to urban life, uses water for everything, [...]

A story about retention

Retention is a topic I have been dealing with professionally for years. Before writing this [...]

Like a bee to… water. Spring Awakening

Outside the window it is getting warmer, everything is waking up to life. Spring is [...]

The 5th edition of ECOGMINA

The EKOGMINA conference is a unique industry forum that has been established as a platform [...]

A set of regulations on water management plans

We have already written about the fact that water management plans (WMPs) are basic planning [...]

Summary of the “Our Ocean” conference – as announced, the EU will allocate 816.5 million euros for ocean protection

On March 2 - 3, 2023. held the eighth edition of the "Our Ocean" conference, [...]

Re-wetting peatlands does not restore all their functions. But it’s still worth it!

The canonical phrase of the Hippocratic Oath, "Prevention is better than cure," although formulated nearly [...]

Competition “River – science flowing from nature”

"By various names I have only glorified you, rivers! You are both honey and love [...]

How much does retention cost?

No one needs to be convinced anymore that water should be retained. We all see [...]

The largest wetlands of Europe in armed conflict

Polesie is a European area that is famous for its extensive wetlands. They extend over [...]